Signs of Problems with Commercial Freezers

Posted on: 11 January 2023

Commercial freezers are a significant investment and one that you need to maintain carefully to keep them functioning as intended. With so much precision associated with commercial freezer temperatures for food safety purposes, you need to be attentive to the most common sources of issues. Here's a look at some of the most common indications of issues with your commercial freezers. 

Freezer Not Cold Enough

If your freezer isn't getting cold enough to keep things frozen, that's cause for concern. In most cases, it's a thermostat control issue. You'll need to have a repair technician test the thermostat to make sure that it is functioning or to replace it if it isn't. When the thermostat isn't to blame, sometimes it's a result of insufficient refrigerant to control the temperature even when the thermostat activates. Your repair technician can assess this as well.

Freezer Leaking Water

If the freezer unit is leaking water and you start finding pools around the base of the unit, that's a sign that the freezer is defrosting and has drainage issues. You'll want to talk with a freezer repair technician about drainage issues. A clogged drain line and problems with the system fan cycling can both lead to this issue. Avoid serious water damage by calling for repairs right away when you see signs like this.

Frost Buildup Inside the Freezer

Sometimes, frost builds up inside commercial freezers because there's a gap that's allowing air to pass through. This allows warm air into the freezer where the condensation in the air freezes into a frost layer on the freezer walls. In other cases, frost accumulates because the freezer is set a little bit too low. When that happens, you should make sure that you call a repair technician as soon as possible. He or she can help you identify the source of the frost buildup, defrost the freezer, and fix the problem. This will help the freezer system function more efficiently and effectively.

These are just a few of the things you should consider when you're looking to repair a commercial freezer. The more you understand and the more attentive you are, it's in your best interest to check for malfunctions. Talk with a local freezer repair technician for more help troubleshooting the issue and resolving it. Malfunctions like these are not normal freezer behaviors. Unusual noises, temperature control issues, frost buildup, and leaks are all serious concerns.

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