• 3 Useful Maintenance Tips Homeowners Should Know About Refrigerators

    When you think of important home appliances, the refrigerator is usually near the top of the list. Without it, keeping foods and drinks fresh would be impossible. To make sure that your refrigerator works great for years, remember these maintenance tips.  Vacuum the Condenser Coils Since the condenser coils are at the bottom of your refrigerator, they have a tendency of getting dirty from time to time. Although this seems minor, dirty condenser coils can cause your refrigerator to work harder than normal and then it may not last as long as it should.
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  • 3 Reasons Why Your Clothes Are Coming Out Of The Dryer Wet And Cold

    Pulling out a nice warm load of clothes from the dryer is so satisfying, until that one day that you feel them and they're damp and cold. You reset the dryer for an extra 15 minutes, only to find them damp and even colder than they were 15 minutes prior. There's definitely a problem with your dryer, and you'll be behind on your laundry before you know it if you don't solve the issue soon.
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  • How To Be Smarter About Your Dryer

    Just because you have been washing and drying your clothing for years doesn't mean that you have been doing it the best way possible. Here are a few tricks for being smarter about your dryer usage. #1 Be Careful About the Size of Your Loads If you don't enjoy doing laundry, it can be tempting to do really big loads. However, putting huge loads in your dryer doesn't do you any favors in the short term or the long term.
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