What To Do When You Have An Appliance That Stops Working

Posted on: 30 June 2022

Appliances are an integral part of most homes, and when one stops working, it can become a significant issue. Working with an appliance repair service to get a freezer, fridge, washer, or dryer up and running is often less expensive than replacing them, and the repair may be far easier than you think.  

Warranty Repairs

If you have new appliances that are under warranty and something goes wrong, you can call the manufacturer or the store where you purchased them to try and have them repair the appliances. The warranty provider often sends an appliance repair service to your home to diagnose the problem and make the repairs without any cost to you.

The repair service may be an independent service from your local area contracted by the manufacturer to repair the appliance for them. Sometimes this process can take a few days, but the advantage is you should not have a large repair bill once the unit is fixed.

Some manufacturers will have you pay for the repair and submit the bill to them for reimbursement, allowing you to choose an appliance repair service you are comfortable with and get the repairs done immediately.  

Non-Warranty Repairs

Once the warranty runs out on your older appliances, getting the manufacturer to help with the repair cost can become challenging. You will often need to hire an appliance repair service and pay for the service call and repair yourself. 

Finding a local service that is reasonably priced can help, but check the reviews on any appliance repair service you are considering. You want to find a repair tech that is efficient and honest, that can come out right away, and that will repair the appliance correctly so you do not have more issues with it in the future.

If the appliance is older, it can be hard to get parts sometimes. Talk with the repair service because they may have a resource for the parts needed, and sometimes they can pull good used parts out of scrap machines. In comparison, used parts may not last as long as new replacement parts, but if they are the only option you have, using them in your appliance may buy you some more time before you have to spend the money on a new appliance.  

Some parts in some appliances are costly to replace, and the repair service should tell you if it is worth fixing or not. If your repair service comes out and checks it and determines it is beyond repair, you will most likely need to pay for the service call, but that should be the only fee they charge. 

Contact a local repair service, such as AAA Appliance and Refrigeration Repair, to learn more.