Washing Machine Drain Clogged? How To Make The Repair

Posted on: 10 September 2020

Your washing machine uses water to clean and rinse your clothing, and all of this water needs to drain away from your machine. If you are having water still in your machine, or your clothing is coming out soaking wet, it could mean there is a clog in the drain. If the drain is clogged, there are a few things you can try to do. Read on for some tips to help you get your machine draining properly.

Drain The Water Out

If there is water still in the tub of the washer, you need to drain the water out. Use a submersible pump if you have to, or you can use a bucket or a bowl to drain the water out. Get all of the water out, or as much water as you can, so you can work on your washer and attempt to get the water to drain out.

Add Drain Cleaner

Pour drain cleaner into your machine and run a quick cycle. Open your machine to see if the water drained out of your machine. If it didn't, you may have more of a clog and need to do a little more work on your machine to get it to drain out. Be sure when you run the drain cleaner into your machine that you run a cycle without any clothing or soap in it. Run a cycle on the clean washer cycle if you can after running a drain cleaner through the washing machine to prevent it from ruining any clothing.

Remove The Drainage Hose

Remove the drainage hose from your machine and inspect it. Look through it to be sure there isn't anything stuck in the drainage hose. If there is, you need to either get it out or replace the hose altogether. Once the clog is removed, replace the hose. If the clog isn't in the hose, you can run some drain cleaner through the drain opening. Reattach the drain hose and see if this helps.

Check The Drain Filter

If the drainage hose wasn't the problem and you still aren't able to drain water from your machine, you need to check the drain filter inside the machine. Be sure this filter isn't clogged with anything, such as small pieces of clothing, lint, or other items that were stuck in the machine. Remove the items in the drain filter and replace the filter.

If you still aren't able to get your machine to drain water, you should hire a washer repair contractor for help.