3 Reasons Why Your Clothes Are Coming Out Of The Dryer Wet And Cold

Posted on: 26 July 2019

Pulling out a nice warm load of clothes from the dryer is so satisfying, until that one day that you feel them and they're damp and cold. You reset the dryer for an extra 15 minutes, only to find them damp and even colder than they were 15 minutes prior. There's definitely a problem with your dryer, and you'll be behind on your laundry before you know it if you don't solve the issue soon. The idea of lugging all of your dirty clothes to the laundromat seems like quite a chore, but there are things you can try to make the repair yourself. Read on for a few reasons why your dryer isn't drying properly.

The Lint Trap Is Full

The lint trap may be loaded with lint so thick that the warm air cannot get to your clothes. If this happens, your dryer could become a fire hazard. Check the lint trap before beginning each and every load. The lint in the trap may not seem like much, but even more may be in the dryer vent. Clean this trap out and at least once per month, take apart the dryer vent and inspect it for lint as well. Clean the vent out, or replace it altogether if it's full of lint. Clean the exterior vent opening as well, which can become loaded with lint as well.

Your Load Is Too Large

If your laundry load is too large, it's going to have a hard time drying in the normal drying time. Try washing and drying smaller loads to prevent this from happening. Take out some of the load and try to dry it on the regular setting. If you still are not getting warm, dry clothing, it could be a different issue, although you should never over-fill your washer or dryer. This will wear out the moving parts of your machine much faster.

Your Gas Is Turned Off

If you have a gas dryer, the gas may have gotten shut off somehow. Check that the gas is turned on and attempt to dry your clothing again. If you smell gas in your laundry room, don't touch anything and call your local gas company to have it checked out. If you have a gas leak, even the smallest spark could cause the gas to ignite. Get out of your house and call the gas company to report the leak.

If your dryer is not drying your clothing and the clothes aren't even warm, try using the tips above to help make the repair. If you are still having a problem, call professional appliance repair services for help.