How To Be Smarter About Your Dryer

Posted on: 24 March 2019

Just because you have been washing and drying your clothing for years doesn't mean that you have been doing it the best way possible. Here are a few tricks for being smarter about your dryer usage.

#1 Be Careful About the Size of Your Loads

If you don't enjoy doing laundry, it can be tempting to do really big loads.

However, putting huge loads in your dryer doesn't do you any favors in the short term or the long term. When there is not enough space, and thus, air, in your dryer, it takes longer for your clothing to dry and can cause you to have to dry your clothes for extra time to get them to dry.

Over the long term, oversized loads can damage your dryer and cause unnecessary wear on the internal parts of your dryer.

Ultimately, it pays to put smaller loads into your dryer that can actually dry in the right amount of time.

#2 Switch to Liquid Fabric Softener

If you are able to, switch to liquid fabric softener instead of using dryer sheets. Dryer sheets may be more affordable to buy, but they take a greater toll on your dryer. Dryer sheets leave behind a residue inside of your dryer. This residue is sticky and attracts other debris to it which can lead to your dryer getting clogged up.

Liquid fabric softener doesn't work the same way. Liquid fabric softener is designed to leave behind very little residue. Liquid fabric softener also gets rid of static electricity and wrinkles without damaging your dryer.

#3 Clean the Inside of Your Dryer

Most people know that they are supposed to remove the lint from the inside of their dryer, that is not the only thing you need to clean on your dryer. Every few months, you should unplug your dryer and clean the inside since residue and dirt build up over time inside your dryer.

It is easy to clean the inside of your dryer. Take a mixture of vinegar and water and spray it inside, then wipe it down to clean it. If you have any stains that appear to be grease, use some alcohol wipes to get rid of any grease stains.

Be smart about how you use your dryer. Don't overload your dryer and only put appropriately sized loads into your dryer. Use liquid fabric softener to reduce the build-up of residue inside your machine. Clean the inside of your machine every few months. If necessary, be sure to contact an appliance repair service with any questions about caring for your dyer.