Common Probems Heating Systems Experience

Posted on: 8 May 2017

A faulty heating system is likely to produce extremely unpleasant conditions inside your home. Heating systems have numerous components, and it may be possible for these systems to experience problems with any number of their components. Learning about the problems that are the most likely to occur can help you with keeping your home warm despite potentially dangerously low temperatures outside.

Faulty Heating Elements

Electric heating systems have become one of the most common types installed in homes. When you notice that your heating system is not producing heat, it may be that the system's heating elements have started to fail. Over the course of time, the heating elements will gradually degrade, and when they have stopped producing heat, you will need to replace them to restore the performance of the system. Luckily, this is an extremely affordable repair that can usually be completed by a professional within a couple of hours.

Unpleasant Odors

When the heating unit activates, you may notice that your home is filled with a foul odor. This smell will often be damp and musty, which will likely indicate that mold has started to grow in the ducting. Burning smells can be another odor that may be produced by a faulty system as it can indicate that the heating elements are becoming too hot or excessive debris is collected on them. The only way to actually confirm the source of the foul odor will be to have a professional inspect the various components of the system.


When your heating system first activates, it will run for a continuous period until the home's interior reaches the set temperature. Unfortunately, your heating unit may simply start and stop. Excessive cycling can greatly lower the comfort of those inside your home as the system will not run long enough to provide a meaningful amount of heat. This problem can cause serious damage to the mechanical components of the heating unit as they will cause the moving parts to become severely worn. Frequently, this problem is related to issues with the thermostat or the flow of gas or electricity.

Heating problems can pose a significant risk to your home as they will allow for the interior temperature to become unpleasant and potentially even dangerous. Understanding the warning signs and causes of electric heating elements malfunctioning, unpleasant smells and a system that is repeatedly turn on and off should allow you to be a better prepared and informed homeowner.