Common Issues with Electric Stove Burners

Posted on: 18 February 2022

Your electric stove is usually efficient and reliable. They generally heat evenly and consistently, making them an ideal choice for many cooks. So when your electric stove does not work right, it can be a major inconvenience.

Fortunately, electric burners are not complicated, and a non-working one may be an easy fix. They can often benefit from same-day appliance repair. Keep reading to learn more about common electric stove problems and how a technician repairs them.

How Electric Burners Work

Your electric stove runs on its own circuit, at least in the United States. The amount of power required to run the stove is usually more than double that of the usual outlet. Therefore, your electric stove will have its own special outlet and power supply.

That said, the stove distributes the power to all the other elements and features. The burners are individual heating elements that have their own connections. Each heating element has its own dedicated switch to control the temperature.

Common Problems With Electric Burners

Most of the time, the stove and oven work well as one unit. However, your oven could work fine, but a single burner will not. Some common reasons for burner failure include:

  • Burner or burners that won't turn on
  • Burners that won't allow for temperature control
  • Burners that spark or make strange noises when you turn them on
  • Burners that are on, but the indicator light isn't lit
  • Burners that are damaged or dirty

Reasons for Electric Burner Problems

The causes of burner problems vary. If none of your burners work, then you may have a problem with your range's connections. Check your outlet or breaker to see if it is getting power. If only one burner doesn't work, something is likely wrong with that element.

In many cases, the burner element may be loose from its connection or has a burned-out connection. A loose or damaged connection may create sparks. Another common issue for burner failure is a dirty connection.

If you can't control the burner's temperature, the switch may be a problem. One way to test this issue is by plugging in another element of the same size. If it heats up fine, then the burner is the issue.

Many people depend on electric stoves for precise temperature control and even cooking. When something is wrong with one or more burners, it can slow down or stop your cooking plans for the day. In many cases, electric stoves can benefit from same-day appliance repair. If you need help with your electric stove, contact a same-day appliance repair professional.